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KNB & Sosohanclassic Collaboration

   The promotional video for KNB’s first performance of the second half of 2023 〈Triple Bill〉 is revealed. This video clip is made in collaboration with a classical music YouTube channel, Sosohanclassic. With over 164,000 subscribers, Sosohanclassic is a popular YouTube channel among Korean classical music lovers.  In this clip, the channel’s host Kim Yunkyung kindly explains on the music of Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven and plays Chopin’s Nocturne, the piece used in Ssss... for herself. Besides, the dancers at the Korean National Ballet, Shim Hyunhee, Byun Seongwan, and Lee Hayeon add more details about the works. 

You can check out the video on Youtube channel, Sosohanclassic. (Click here to watch)

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